What should I wear?

Workout clothes that you are comfortable in. A hip scarf with coins or a sarong. Usually we dance barefoot but you can wear ballet slippers or something similar (no sneakers).

Can I view a class before joining?

Sure but I know you will want to join when you see how much fun we have!

I have a medical concern/issue. Can I take the class?

Always consult your physician before beginning and exercise. If you do join the class, listen to your body and don't push yourself. Take a break as needed.

Are masks required?

Yes according to set mandates. They must be worn to participate in the class.

Can children participate in the class?

Yes however the facility is offering use of their inflatable play room for a discounted rate.

What is the facility like?
It offers well lit parking lot, staffed building, clean restrooms, and a play area for children.

How do I pay for the class?
In person with cash, electronically with QR code or credit card. Online at www.AlsanaBellyDance.com